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Plan for Arvida, Harry Brainerd and Hjalmar Skougor, 1925. Source : City of Saguenay.

Since 1987, Sir William Price Heritage Centre’s mission is to promote the historical, architectural, urbanistic and industrial heritage of the Jonquière borough of the City of Saguenay. From the beginning, SWPHC has been developing its expertise and has become a reference in the development of the heritage and the preservation of Jonquière’s identity.

In 2016, following a request from the Comité Organisateur pour la Reconnaissance Patrimoniale d’Arvida (CORPA), the Sir William Price Heritage Centre has been in charge of putting forward Arvida’s heritage. Through the steps to recognize the Arvida heritage, a museum component has been created, the Arvida Historical Centre. This new museum section purpose is to promote and represent local heritage, while sitting as a significant player in the process of recognizing the heritage of Arvida.


Message from board of directors

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Message from general manager

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Josée Bergeron, interim general manager

Josée Bergeron has been the executive director since July 2018. A trained historian, she was introduced to the museum world during her doctoral studies at UQAM. Passionate about museology and heritage, this is how she found her place in the field of dissemination and promotion. After spending some years in Montreal, as well a very instructive period at the Musée de la mémoire vivante in St-Jean-Port-Joli, she returned to the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region in 2011 where she worked for the City of Saguenay for seven years. This is how management became a field of expertise and of increasing interest for her. She has a vision of scope and future for the Arvida Heritage Centre and the Sir William Price Heritage Centre.

Annie Fortin, project manager

Annie work from the center since summer 2016. She worked as an historian for the center before she became a project manager in 2017. She owns a master’s degree in history from Université Paris-Sorbonne in France and a bachelor’s degree in history from University of Quebec at Chicoutimi.

Cassandra Fortin, Museum mediator

The newest addition to the Heritage Centre team, Cassandra is a graduate of Laval University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in historical sciences and heritage studies. Specializing in ethnology, she returns from Europe where she completed her master’s degree in heritage management and cultural landscapes. Now a museum mediator, she wants to become involved in the local community.

Louise Plante, administrative assistant

Louise work at Auberge Villa Pachon for the 18 years. She also work part-time as administrative assistant at the Sir William Price Centre since 2011.

Nicolas Blackburn, janitor

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