Guided heritage tours

Arvida Heritage Centre invites you to stroll the streets of this heritage jewel that is Arvida. A national heritage site and a Government of Quebec designated heritage site, Arvida is a unique example of planning, urban planning, architecture and living environment. Stroll its streets to discover a model city rich in history and recognised around the world for its vital role during the Second World War.

Two guided heritage visits are offered:

  • Living environment and cultural diversity
  • Industry and downtown
In the foreground are the offices of the Aluminum Company of Canada, in the background, Arvida Hospital. Source : Arvida Heritage Centre

Arvida, City of Aluminium

You can also visit Arvida, city of aluminum, independently by downloading the free BaladoDiscovery app on your mobile device, from the App Store or Google Play Store or by clicking on the following link: Balado discovery

By downloading the mobile application before your visit, access all the content of the tour while on the go without the need for an Internet connection.

While touring whithin Arvida, you will have a chance to learn about its faboulous history!

Aerial view of Arvida. Source : Arvida Heritage Centre.

School area

The recognition of Arvida as Quebec’s 13th protected heritage site and the possible nomination of Arvida at UNESCO are significant to all of us, regardless of age. That is why the Arvida Heritage Centre and its team are proud to present eight activities adapted to each cycle of primary school and pertaining to our exhibition : Arvida, City of Aluminum. Our educational program comprises two sections, a virtual and a physical one, each of them proposing four activities. The virtual section takes the students back to the days of the town’s construction. As for the physical section, it invites them to explore social, artistic and scientific themes.

Teacher section

Target audience : all cycles of primary school
Minimum/maximum : ten to thirty students
Location : in class or in the computer lab
Duration : 60 minutes per activity

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St. Joseph 1959-1960. Source : Commission scolaire de la Jonquière.

Virtual section

1 – Surveying the land (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles)

This interactive and immersive game invites players of all ages to build the Washington of the North in multiple steps. The players become actors in the development of Arvida. This game gives the impression of truly partaking in the construction of a company town. Moreover, it allows one to understand the magnitude of such an undertaking.

2– Building the town (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles)

After surveying the land and laying out the streets, the company is ready to erect the city. The player must build a block of houses. This drag-and-drop game allows the player to place the houses, buildings, trees and street furniture on this block.

3 – Preparing the promotion of the town (2nd and 3rd cycles)

This game takes place in the engineer’s office. By using the archive plans on the desk, the player must find the relevant information in order to calculate the area of two of Arvida’s house models.

4 – Promoting of the town (2nd and 3rd cycles)

This game’s form resembles a dictation with blanks to be filled. The player must complete advertising texts (in English) in order to promote the town worldwide and attract workers. He or she must praise the merits of Arvida. Once again, the game is set in the engineer’s office. However, this time, the player will have to complete texts using the archival documents. The words to be dragged to complete the sentences are placed at the bottom of the screen.


Physical section

1 – Story time with Samuel Archibald (2nd and 3rd cycles)

With inspiration from an excerpt from Arvida, a collection of short stories by Samuel Archibald, the children are invited to create a short story set in the early years of the city of Arvida. It is also possible for them to present their story to their classmates afterwards.

2 – Engraving aluminum postcards (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles)

Students have the opportunity to let their imagination flourish by creating a unique engraving on the material that brought Arvida to existence: aluminum.

3 – The properties of aluminum (2nd and 3rd cycles)

Aluminum has several properties and this experiment allows young people to familiarise themselves with the principle of static electricity and ion conduction.

4 – L’hymne d’Arvida (3rd cycle)

The musical score for L’hymne d’Arvida is intended for music lovers, and is made available to young people to allow them to recreate the city’s anthem. They can also use inspiration from the music to create a short play taking place during the early years of the city of Arvida.