ARVIDA MON AMOUR (French only)

Through this podcast, Mathieu Beauregard, an adopted Arvidian, will meet Arvida enthusiasts, who live there or have passed through there; native or adopted Arvidians. Through their loving gazes, we will revisit places that are dear to them, an anecdote, a memory that will help us understand the intimate bond of these residents with this unique city. Throughout his confidences, historian and museologist Alex Hubert will share with us historical facts which will allow us to better understand the origin and evolution of Arvida.



St-Jean-Vianney, le village aux pieds d’argile (French only)

On May 4, 1971, the earth opened in St-Jean-Vianney, taking 31 lives and 42 houses.

Nearly 50 years after the catastrophe, Carl Gaudreault, the son of former St-Jean-Vianney residents, comes back to this event that affected his family and the lives of the 1308 inhabitants of this quiet municipality nestled on the north shore of Saguenay. Although he did not experience the tragedy directly, he seeks to understand, through survivor testimonies and rare audio archives, how this landslide—one of the deadliest in Canada—occurred and what kind of scars it left. This podcast is produced by Balado Boréal for the Centre d’histoire Arvida and the city of Saguenay, with financial support from Hydro-Québec as part of the Integrated Enhancement Program (Miscoua-Saguenay line).