Our story begins with the Centre d’histoire Sir-William-Price, which has been dedicated to enhancing the historical, architectural, urbanistic, and industrial heritage of the Jonquière district in the city of Saguenay since 1987. Over the years, the Centre d’histoire Sir-William-Price has developed expertise and become a key player in heritage enhancement and the preservation of the area’s identity.

In 2016, following a request from the Comité pour la Reconnaissance Patrimoniale d’Arvida (CORPA), the Centre d’histoire Sir-William-Price had the opportunity to showcase the heritage of the city of Arvida. As part of the efforts towards the recognition of Arvida at several levels, this request materialized into the creation of an Arvida museum section—the Centre d’Histoire Arvida. This entity is specifically responsible for interpreting and enhancing the heritage of this area while serving as a significant player in the processes aiming for the heritage recognition of Arvida.

The Centre d’Histoire Arvida (CHA) represents the final stage of heritage recognition for Arvida. It offers exhibitions and is a point of departure for the guided tours that will allow you to understand and connect with the city. As a repository of the memory of the city, the CHA is not only an exhibition centre, but also a research centre for the conservation, documentation and diffusion of Arvida’s material and immaterial heritage. As the gateway to the patrimonial site, the CHA is also an interpretation centre. It grants access to the heritage of Arvida and preserves the memory of all its residents.

Lithographic map of Arvida by Harry Brainerd and Hjalmar Skougor, 1925. Source: Ville de Saguenay.

Our mission

Identify, study, document, and bring to life the tangible and intangible heritage of Arvida to ensure its enhancement, promotion, preservation, appropriation by the population, and transmission to future generations, following the principles of ecomuseology.